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Vitamin D supplements come in the form of tablets, drops, and capsules that help increase the levels of vitamin D in the body. These vitamins are naturally produced on our skin when exposed to sunlight or may be sourced externally through diets rich in cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol. Vitamin D supplements are produced from plant and animal sources and help our bodies absorb phosphorus and calcium, which are essential for bone and muscle growth.

Vitamin D capsules also provide enhanced immunity to infections and quicken the healing rate of burns. Although these nutrients occur naturally in the human body, we must prompt their production either by sun exposure or dietary intake.

However, these two options have several limitations. First, getting enough sun during winter, working in an office, or not having enough skin exposed are all challenges when it comes to maintaining the right level of vitamin D. Dietary supplements are more accessible and include enough vitamin D to ensure that your body is healthy, no matter the circumstances.