Olimp Guaranax - 60 caps
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Olimp Guaranax - 60 caps


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POWER cup of coffee in a capsule! 
A dietary supplement containing a long-acting gentle and caffeine from guarana, an active ingredient that facilitates achieving and maintaining high mental and physical fitness of the organism and reduce the level of subcutaneous fat.
What is guarana?
Guarana (Paulinia cupana) is a South American plant bushy, whose seeds have a high content of natural and well-tolerated by the body of caffeine. This plant contains almost 4 times more caffeine than coffee plant and the grain was already appreciated by the indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon forest for their ability to stimulate and mitigations fatigue.
Why is contained guarana is better than coffee?
If you feel tired and lacking energy you try to live GUARANAX ™. Many of us have experienced the problems that entails the consumption of large amounts of coffee. We then irritated, distracted, we can not focus on the work done by us. Some particularly sensitive people can tolerate very poorly the popular drink, in addition to shaking hands, accelerated heart beat very often there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract - heartburn, indigestion. 
In contrast to the seeds of coffee, caffeine in guarana is released more slowly, stimulating the body longer and less rapidly. Because of slow intestinal absorption of caffeine contained in guarana, feel mild agitation over a longer period of time. Beneficial effect of guarana may persist for up to 6 hours after its ingestion. This increases the efficiency of our work without any negative side effects associated with the consumption of coffee for example.
How does guarana?
Many years of research have shown that plant extracts of guarana increase energy levels and help reduce the effects of fatigue, both physical and mental health. Guarana improves alertness and memory which is particularly advantageous during a long study or example, in occupations requiring long hours of concentration, often monotonous and tedious associated with nocturnal activity such as a driver.
Is guarana may assist weight loss?
Scientists have shown that guarana reduces appetite and speeds up the metabolic rate, also has thermogenic properties. All these features make the guarana may contribute to the process of burning body fat contribute to weight reduction. GUARANAX ™ and thus may represent a perfect complement reduction diets.
Do you use Guarana is beneficial in sports?
Yes, because the guarana through its stimulating action helps to improve performance and endurance in individuals practicing various sports. Its supplementation provides beneficial effect in both disciplines, in which effort is fast and intense (strength sports, martial arts) as well as those requiring long hours of activity (long-distance running, cycling, skiing).
Why Guarana ™ is better than other similar supplements?
Thanks to innovative, highly advanced technology and highest quality manufacturing standardized guarana extract, high concentration (20% caffeine), we managed to get GUARANAX ™ - a capsule which contains up to 80mg of natural, easily absorbed and well tolerated caffeine, equivalent to one cup of coffee. However GUARANAX ™ is devoid of negative side effects typical of the stimulants (nervousness, stomach problems). At the same time takes the form of a convenient formulation in a capsule and, unlike coffee, you can take it anywhere.
Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving:
Guarana extract (20% caffeine) 400 mg
Caffeine 80 mg
Recommended Use:
Take 1 capsule as necessary, but not more than 4 capsules per day. Power reduction of body fat - 1 capsule in the morning and before session.

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