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PB2 is made of high-quality peanuts that are slow roasted with our guidelines and pressed to remove the fat. All natural with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The same consistency as peanut butter full fat with all roasted nutty flavor, but with more than 85% fewer calories acids.

85% less fat calories than traditional peanut butter 
without additives / All Natural 
exec / Kosher

Through a unique process created by Bell Plantation that does not involve the use of any chemicals or alter the balance of nature in peanuts;more than 90% of the fat is removed from the peanuts. Essentially the oil is squeezed peanuts and what remains is a peanut powder. the resulting completely natural product is unbelievable!

Two tablespoons of a conventional peanut butter contains approximately 180 calories, while two tablespoons (approximately 12 grams) of powder PB2 and contains only 53 calories. PB2 contains about 40% protein by weight.

PB2 is the ultimate excellent food ... great taste, low fat, protein and increased versatility.

Chocolate lovers will love Chocolate PB2! The same great PB2, but just enough chocolate to make it delectable, without guilt spread.

Peanuts can be easy to crack, they are difficult to overcome. Peanuts contain more than 25% of their weight in protein and are naturally rich in unsaturated fats and fiber. Count on the fact that they are full of flavor, and you will understand why peanut butter is 100% natural and does not contain anything but peanuts. peanuts, which are fried and cut into the great taste of peanut butter. It's that simple. 

Peanut butter is a product of the high protein, it is rich in dietary fiber and high content of unsaturated fatty acids, in particular mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

Mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids are essential in the daily diet, since substitution with saturated fat to unsaturated fatty acids in the diet contributes to maintaining normal levels of cholesterol in the blood. On the other hand proteins are the main nutrients that contribute to the growth and maintain muscle mass and contribute to the maintenance of healthy bones. 

Supplement Facts: 
Serving Size: 2 tablespoons (~ 12g) 
Servings Per Container: 15

In serving: 
Calories 45 
Calories from Fat 10 
Fat 1g (1%) 
Saturated Fat 0g (0%) 
Trans Fat 0 
polyunsaturated fat no 
monounsaturated fat not 
Cholesterol <0.01mg (0%) 
70 mg of sodium (3%) 
Total Carbohydrates 6g (2%) 
Dietary Fiber 1 g (4%) 
Sugars 3 g 
protein 4 g 
Vitamin A <1% 
Vitamin C 0% 
calcium <1% 
Iron 2% 
*% RDA. The percentage of the recommended daily intake 
† RDA not established in the EU.

Other ingredients: 
Roasted peanuts, cocoa powder, sugar, salt and 
Allergen Info: This product contains peanut protein.

Recommended Use: 
Mix 2 Tablespoon of BZP ® with 1 tablespoon (about 12g) of water and stir until smooth. Prepare as necessary.

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