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 OstroVit Collagen is a dietary supplement help support collagen synthesis. Collagen is one of the major proteins found in the human body. It is present in almost all human tissues. Is an essential element to establish, among others, skin, tendons, bones, joints, cornea. Responsible for the production of synovial fluid as well as the flexibility and hardness of cartilage, skin hydration and proper renewal of the epidermis. It affects the cohesion, strength and elasticity of connective tissue. It also has the unique ability to bind water, so that the skin maintains proper firmness, elasticity and tension.


After the age of 26 naturally decreases the amount of collagen fibers, and the body loses the ability to rebuild them. Increased physical activity also increases the process of destruction of collagen, therefore, is very important supplementation during intense exercise and training.


Collagen deficiency is the cause of movement disorders, stiffness of joints and back pain, there are wrinkles, cellulite, reduces hydration and firmness of the skin.


The preparation OstroVit Collagen is the right product for active sportsmen, after sports injuries or intense physical effort, during convalescence after fractures and to regenerate damaged joints. Proper collagen synthesis requires the presence of vitamin C and iron.


Advantages of use:
- enhances the synthesis of collagen fibers
- strengthens bones and joints
- maintains the correct firmness, elasticity and firmness of the skin
- inhibits the formation of wrinkles, cellulite
- supports proper joint function


Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 90


Amount Per Serving:
Hydrolyzed collagen 3000mg


Other Ingredients:
Hydrolyzed collagen, fillers: calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.


Recommended Use:
1 tablet - 3 times per day, between meals.


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